Ai ga Aru kara (Fujimoto Haruki) book, fiction – manga

712. Ai ga Aru Kara - Fujimoto Haruki
romance, slice of life, yaoi

Collection of one shots.

Art wise, I like it. Story wise, it’s kind of boring. The sex is normally very few panels are they aren’t all that loud. Then it’s missing emotion. The only couple that I felt like they actually had some connection to each other ended up not being together. Everyone else really felts more like friends with benefits, minus the friends part. When it was more than that, it felt like it was forced or like the characters just wanted something and would look for it anywhere and the first time they get anything even close to what they want (or the opposite of what others want for them), they jump at the chance. It just makes me a little sad.

I would love to read more about the title story (with Matsuzoe), but aside from that, you can take or leave the rest. They’re kinda cute and definitely a quick read. It’s not like you’ll get anything from it though.


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