THE READING Books 58-60: DEATH NOTE, volumes 10-12 (Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata)

0058K0055. DEATH NOTE volume 10 - Tsugumi Ohba. Takeshi Obata  0059K0056. DEATH NOTE volume 11 - Tsugumi Ohba. Takeshi Obata  0060K0057. DEATH NOTE volume 12 - Tsugumi Ohba. Takeshi Obata
DEATH NOTE, volumes 10-12

AUTHOR: Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obabta

GENRE: manga, fiction, paperback. drama, mystery, psychological, shounen, supernatural


PAGES: 192, 216, 216

YEAR: 2012, 2012, 2012

NOTES: Another Note, volumes 1-3, volumes 4-6, volumes 7-9, volume 13, L Change the World

DESCRIPTION: volume 10: Near openly suspects Light of being Kira, causing most of the task force to suspect him as well. As such, Light and Misa are kept under close surveillance 24/7. This forces Light to pass the note book onto someone else.

volume 11: Near returns to Japan in order to get solid evidence against Light as Kira. With Light’s college girlfriend, Kiyomi Takada, having been chosen by Teru Mikami to be Kira’s new spokesperson, it gives Light the opportunity he needs in order to give orders as Kira and look like he’s investigating as L.

volume 12: Kiyomi Takada has been kidnapped by Mello and the final confrontation between Light and Near is fast approaching. Who will come out victorious?

DECISION: Keep, look into replacing volume 12? (water damage)


It’s nice to see a character show up in volume 10 that’s a little interesting. Much more so than the other characters have been lately. I do find it a little odd that you’re given back ground information on him when you get nothing for any of the other characters aside from a little bit about why Misa has a thing for Kira.
Volume 11 mostly just feels like a waste of time. Yes, there are important parts to the story in it, but most of what is important doesn’t actually go into detail. It’s just a set up for the final volume when Near and Light come face to face.
Volume 12 is an okay end I guess though. It was good even if I didn’t like how it ended. Plenty entertaining at least.


Book #58-60
Keep #55-57
Lose #3


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