THE READING Book 57: The Witches (Roald Dahl)

0057K0054. The Witches - Roald Dahl
The Witches

AUTHOR: Roald Dahl

GENRE: fiction, paperback. children’s, fantasy, paranormal.

PUBLISHER: Scholastic Inc

PAGES: 208

YEAR: 1997


DESCRIPTION: After both his parents die, a young boy starts to live with his Grandmother, who loves to tell stories about real witches and how much they hate children and what they’ll do to get rid of them. While on vacation, the boy comes face to face with The Grand High Witch.



I love Roald Dahl books. I find it kind of odd that I didn’t start reading his books until high school when we had to read Lamb to the Slaughter. It’s entertaining. I sort of wonder about the little mice the boy had though. They just disappeared and no one mentioned them again. I hope they didn’t get involved with the witches…

Anyway, I say it’s a must read. And unless your kids are complete cowards, they’d probably like it as well. But the pictures in it aren’t coloured and they aren’t on every page.


Book #57
Keep #54
Lose #3


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