One Week Friends (2014) anime, tv – sub

411. One Week Friends
comedy, school, shounen, slice of life
voices: Amamiya Sora, Yamaya Yoshitaka, Hosoya Yoshimasa, Ookubo Rumi

Hase Yuuki has a bit of a crush on loner Fujimiya Kaori and decides he wants to be friends with her. She turns him down but he’s insistent about it. As such, she becomes closer to him. Until the end of the week when she confesses to him that every Monday she loses all memories of her friends. Hase doesn’t want to give up and becomes her friend every week.

So, I’m not a big fan of slice of life. I don’t mind it if it has something interesting going on and the amnesia thing was interesting enough. I’m not really a fan of the art either. I get it. Noses are a pain to draw from the front. But it’s awkward to only give them noses from the side. It distracted me. Then Hase and Fujimiya are so damn innocent, neither one seems to realize that they got a thing for each other. They annoyed me so much, I was more interested in the relationship between two of the side characters. The story itself wasn’t very original. Someone having a crush on a loner that they force to become friends with them, leading to said loner making other friends (Say “I Love You” comes to mind since it wasn’t too long ago that I watched it). Then someone getting into a relationship with someone that has amnesia and will forget them on a regular basis (50 First Dates).

In a rare occurrence though, I actually liked the op and ed so didn’t skip them. All of the characters were cute as well and it was a pretty cute story. I wish they would have gotten into her amnesia a bit more though. I think a large part of why I continued to watch it was because of the cuteness. I didn’t like the two main characters. I liked two of the side characters.

I think I only liked it enough to keep watching was because of the cuteness. I didn’t get drawn into the characters and was actually bored with the two main ones. If you want to try it, you’d probably know if you’ll like it after 1 or 2 episodes.


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