THE READING Book 50: Stargirl (Jerry Spinelli)

0050K0047. STARGIRL 1 - Jerry Spinelli

AUTHOR: Jerry Spinelli

GENRE: fiction, young adult, paperback. coming of age, romance, school.

PUBLISHER: Dell Laurel-Leaf

PAGES: 186

YEAR: 2004

NOTES: First to go when run out of shelf space?

DESCRIPTION: Leo Borlock is a student at Mica High when an extremely unique home schooler calling herself Stargirl starts. Leo soon falls for her and for a time, she’s popular. Until what makes her unique and popular leads to her being shunned by the entire school. And Leo being shunned for association. Leo then has to decide what he really wants.

DECISION: keep, provisional


It was cute enough. It’s a little slow paced but a quick read. I’m a little iffy on it because it’s told from Leo’s point of view and he really pisses me off. I love Stargirl though and apparently there’s a second book from her perspective. So I have to at least keep the book until I can read that. It’s something that I think might be good for younger people (junior high, early high school age) that are trying to figure out who they are and where they belong. I know I probably would have liked it more when I was younger because it was probably something that could have helped me out when I was a kid.

I think it’s worth reading at least once. I doubt I’d read it again unless I forget about what it was about by time I find the second book though.

Book #50
Keep #47
Lose #3


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