Sword Art Online II (2014) anime, TV – sub

408. Sword Art Online II
action, adventure, fantasy, game, romance
voices: Sawashiro Miyuki, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, Yuuki Aoi, Tomatsu Haruka, Hoshi Soichiro, Hanae Natsuki
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A year after the Sword Art Online incident, Kirito is approached to investigate another VRMMO, Gun Gale Online, where someone going by the name Death Gun is able to shoot them in the game and have them die in real life. There, he meets Sinon, a female sniper. With her help, he is able to navigate the world and join a tournament “Bullet of Bullets” in order to draw Death Gun out.

The characters in general annoyed me. Sinon was ok at the start, then it started getting more into her past and the effects from it just annoyed me. Her mother actually really pissed me off. For some reason they made Kirito very feminine physically, and for a while there, his personality seemed way too feminine as well, even if he was pretending. I did like the outfits and loved the setting.

Well, that was the first 14 episodes anyway. After that it was more about Asuna and her relationship with her mother and trying to learn how to be stronger. She met a girl, Yuuki and learned a lot from her which ended up helping her learn to deal with her mother. I don’t actually like Asuna. She annoys me. Yuuki pissed me off up until you find out why she acted the way she did. But she was still annoying. But, it was in ALO so the character designs were my favourite.

I think you can skip this one if you want. You may want to watch it if they come out with another season though. In my opinion, it’s not nearly as good as the first. I don’t like guns and although swords do exist in GGO, no one uses them. I also get a filler feel from it (not sure if it is. It feels like Kuroshitsuji II to me, which is something best ignored and considered non-existent, although SAO II isn’t as horrible). There were a couple things that may matter if there’s another season, but if not there probably isn’t much reason.


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