THE READING Book 46: DEATH NOTE Another Note (Nisioisin)

0046K0043. DEATH NOTE Another Note - Nisioisin
DEATH NOTE Another Note

AUTHOR: Nisioisin

GENRE: fiction, hardcover, light novel, young adult. Crime, mystery


PAGES: 176

YEAR: 2013

NOTES: volumes 1-3, volumes 4-6, volumes 7-9, volumes 10-12, volume 13, L Change the World

DESCRIPTION:A killer is loose in LA leaving indecipherable clues behind. L, a detective that has yet come across a case he can’t crack, works with suspended FBI agent Naomi Misora to find the killer before he finds the next victim.



I actually ended up going out and buying this one, even though I already have it, just because I wanted to read it and it wasn’t where it should be. That alone should say how much I love this book. I hate Misora. She pisses me off, she’s slow, an idiot, cruel. The only thing she actually seems good for is fighting most of the time. But I love L and Beyond Birthday, so it’s fine. Then Mello is telling the story, and although I didn’t think the manga or anime were as good after he and Near showed up, I do like Mello.

The events happen before the events of the manga/anime/movies (1, 2, 3), but it does bring up those events throughout the book. So although I like reading it first, if you aren’t familiar with the main story, you should do that first.


Book #46
Keep #43
Lose #3


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