Upotte!! (2012) anime, ONA – dub

405. Upotte!!
action, comedy, seinen
voices: Genevieve Simmons, Brittney Karbowski, Nancy Novotny, Emily Neves, Kara Greenberg, David Matranga

Seishou Academy is a school where all the girls are guns. Literally. Unfortunately for a new human teacher, the girls have hair triggers.

I watched the entire thing. I’m amazed. In all honesty, I don’t actually like guns. At all. They’re too loud and messy and just all around annoying. Blades are better in my opinion. So the guns and info actually bored me. But it was pretty much just a school filled with girls, one having a crush on her teacher, so it was entertaining enough. I guess.

I’d probably say to only watch it if you like guns… and maybe ecchi… If you have little to no interest in guns, a large part of this won’t interest you.


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