THE READING Book 43: SERVANT The Acceptance (LL Foster)

0044K0041. SERVANT The Acceptance - Lori Foster
SERVANT The Acceptance

AUTHOR: LL Foster (Lori Foster

GENRE: fiction, paperback. Paranormal, romance, fantasy, supernatural

PUBLISHER: Berkley Publishing

PAGES: 292

YEAR: 2008

NOTES: Awakening, Kindred

DESCRIPTION: After what happened before, Gabrielle Cody has disappeared. When Luther Cross finds her again, she’s living with and protecting some prostitutes. Until someone starts kidnapping, torturing and murdering the prostitutes.



I think I preferred the first book, although I prefer the villain more in this one. Oren is probably one of the best and it makes me kinda sad that he isn’t in it any more.

Anyway, this and the other are probably worth reading. They’re plenty entertaining.


Book #44
Keep #41
Lose #3


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