Pokemon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life (2009) anime, movie – dub

404. Pokemon Arceus and the Jewel of Life
adventure, comedy

Many millennia ago a meteor threatened to destroy the world. Arceus, while stopping the meteor, was injured. A man named Damos helped Arceus so Arceus loaned him the Jewel of Life, part of his own life force, to help him. On the day Damos was to return it, he betrayed him. Arceus then swore revenge.
In present day, Ash and the gang meet Sheena and Kevin. Sheena is able to summon Dialga and did so when Ash and the gang were in danger. Sheena and Kevin then take them to the ruins and tell them about the legend of Arceus when Arceus shows up and begins to battle with Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. The gang is then sent to the past.

When to watch it? At least fter episode 600 (601) Evolving Strategies!

It was entertaining enough. Art was okay, story was interesting enough. I hate Kevin and his voice though. I also have a problem with the time travel because of what happens at the end. Like, you know, they went back in time to change what happened but nothing changed right away and even the people that didn’t go back in time had memories from before they went back.

It’s not my favourite Pokemon movie, but it is probably in my top 5. It’s not like you have to watch it. I don’t think the movies have anything to do with the main series so it’s not like you actually have to watch any of them. You won’t miss anything by not watching it, but it’s not a waste of time in my opinion.


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