Annie (1999) live action, movie – USA

Annie. 1999
family, comedy, musical
director: Rob Marshall
writers: Irene Mecchi, Thomas Meehan
starring: Kathy Bates, Victor Garber, Alan Cumming, Audra McDonald

11 year old Annie that has lived in an orphanage with the cruel miss Hannigan. One day, she get invited to billionaire Oliver Warbucks for 2 weeks over Christmas.

If you know nothing of Annie, the following may contain SPOILERS.

I guess it was alright. The girl that played Annie was cute enough but she’s just not Annie. She seems very motherly and has straight hair. I’m also curious about the year this is supposed to be. I thought it was 1930s and I don’t recall them saying anything else, but Warbucks pretty much proposed at the end. Based on what I know, America didn’t legalize interracial marriage until the late ’60s. I mean, I guess he could give her the rind and they could be together without the marriage, but still… It’s like they gloss over it. I also got bored near the end because it was just extremely boring and seemed not to include anything interesting that I recall being in the original. I also don’t like this Warbucks. He just annoyed me. I didn’t mind Hannigan too much. Actually, I think I may have liked her more than the 1982 version.

Anyway, aside from the end, pretty much everything was as I remember the 1982 version. So I’d suggest that over this.


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