Blood Royale (2002) anime, OVA – sub

401. Blood Royale

Pirate captain, the One Eyed Devil, is hired to train 2 princesses that are going to become sex slaves.

Ok, first the little warning thing. Sex, obviously. It’s actually quite easy to find it uncensored. There’s rape, tentacles, lesbian and scat. The scat is actually quite easy to avoid as it’s at the very end of episode 1 after the one girl starts complaining about her stomach.

Now for the review. I actually really liked it (aside from the scat thing. I sat through 2 Girls 1 Cup no problem but this had me throwing up a little in my mouth). I love pirates though. And eye patches. And tentacles. The blonde girl annoyed me a little. The end was the complete opposite of what I expected. The story itself was a little stupid but… it’s hentai, what do you expect?

As for what you want to know when choosing a hentai, no, I wouldn’t masturbate to it. Yes, it’s a turn on, but to me, it’s what you watch just before actually getting laid. Like foreplay. The story gets in the way for me. I don’t want a story, no matter how stupid, that actually holds some importance. The hentai I masturbate to is like, “something strange is going on at school? Lets go check it out!” and cue the group of boys that wants to rape you, the group of futanari that just want all the sex, the group of women that want to make a pact with the devil, all the tentacles, the creepy horse head guy with the giant dick and “I love the sex! please fuck me more!” “wait… what was this supposed to be again?”

And yes, all of those have been in hentais I’ve masturbated to. Probably can’t tell you what was what, but if you want, there are lists of what I’ve watched and read since about 2012. Look and you may figure it out… Not sure how I dealt with the horse head guy though… I don’t like horses and the idea of fucking even half animals doesn’t do it for me…

Anyway, I think this is worth watching. For some entertainment. Don’t let the title fool ya though. There’s actually like, no blood. I think there was one scene with just a little bit. It wasn’t even a cherry popping scene 😦


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