Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) live action, movie – USA

fifty shades of grey
drama, romance
director: Sam Taylor-Johnson
writers: EL James, Kelly Marcel
starring: Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Max Martini, Jennifer Ehle, Eloise Mumford

Anastasia Steele is an English lit students who meets Christian Grey when doing a favour for her journalist major friend. They hit it off and she begins to learn about his kinks.

Acting and characters seemed really similar to Twilight (sadly, I read the first book in a night because internet was down and I watch the first 2 or 3 movies. I found them funny). Anyway, Grey was annoying. Like “stay away from me” one minute and then “you’re drunk?! where are you?! I’m coming to get you right now!” Ana was even worse though. She was overly sheltered and knew nothing. Then she spent the whole movie complaining about him wanting to change her while she was trying to change him. Then Grey was like “I don’t make love. I fuck. Hard.” Then he made sweet gentle love to her in missionary. The entire thing was pretty vanilla actually. There were only like, 2 scenes that weren’t 100% vanilla ad she freaked out. I was actually bored during most of it. I expected to fall asleep while watching it, but I was so pissed off at these people that I ended up making it through.

Overall, I actually kind of regret watching this when there are so many other movies out there I could have watched. I’m also glad I quit reading the book after the part where he went to meet her at work.


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