THE READING BOOK 40: (House of Night Novella #1) Dragon’s Oath (PC Cast, Kristin Cast)

0040K0037. Dragon's Oath -House of Night Novella 1-. PC Cast. Kristin Cast
(House of Night Novella #1) Dragon’s Oath

AUTHOR: PC Cast, Kristin Cast

GENRE: Hardcover, young adult, fiction. Fantasy, magic, paranormal, romance, supernatural, vampire.

PUBLISHER: St. Martins Press

PAGES: 145

YEAR: 2011

NOTES: Read after House of Night #8

DESCRIPTION: Taking place in the 1830’s, Dragon is Marked and meets Anastasia


It’s more interesting than the description I wrote would have you believe. I didn’t want to give too much of it away. Anyway, The cover is gorgeous. Even with the dust cover off it’s pretty (black with purple writing). Also, there’s some art in it, mostly a page at the beginning of each cover, and I personally love the art. The stories interesting enough, assuming you’ve read up the the raven mockers and Kalona since they show up. Then the first and last chapter take place at the end of Awakened so unless you plan on skipping those chapters (which take place in present day, so you could probably skip them and still be fine) you should read that before this. I think the only thing that annoys me is that it makes me dislike Dragon even more now than I did at the end of Awakened because you know for sure about how Anastasia feels and it’s like Dragon is giving her up.

Book #40
Keep #37
Lose #3

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