THE READING BOOK 39: (House of Night #8) Awakened (PC Cast, Kristin Cast)

0039K0036. Awakened -House of Night 8-. PC Cast. Kristin Cast
(House of Night #8) Awakened

AUTHOR: PC Cast, Kristin Cast

GENRE: Paperback, young adult, fiction. Fantasy, magic, paranormal, romance, supernatural, vampire.

PUBLISHER: St. Martins Press

PAGES: 290

YEAR: 2010


DESCRIPTION: Zoey is back but hiding out on the Isle of Skye with Queen Sgiach and Stark. Stevie Rae is still trying to keep Rephaim secret, but things become more complicated when Kalona returns to Tulsa. Of course, Neferet has plans for both Kalona and Zoey.


In all honesty, I remember very little about this book.The only character I cared about at all seemed to be Rephaim. I tried to feel bad at some parts, like the deaths, but you didn’t find out much about them and the way the characters you reacted, you wanted to hit them more than feel bad for them. Stark is having issues and isn’t saying anything even though he should. Stevie Rae is having issues and isn’t saying anything even though she should. Damiens lost it. Dragons lost it. Dallas has lost it. Really, all the guys but Darius lose it at some point in this damn book. Then there’s a bunch of skankiness from Neferet. Anyway, I really only liked the parts with Rephaim in this book. And that pisses me off since I hate birds.

Book #39
Keep #36
Lose #3

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