MR. BRAIN (2009) live action, drama – Japan

183. MR. BRAIN
detective, investigation, crime
starring: Ayase Haruka, Kimura Takuya, Kagawa Teruyuki, Mizushima Hiro, Ichikawa Ebizo, Kamui Gackt

Tsukumo Ryusuke is an eccentric neuroscientist that works for the National Research Institute of Police Science to solve difficult crimes.

So, the main reason I watched this was because I found this:
and, well, Gackt is majorly nummy there, right? So I had to watch it. He was only actually in episode 2 though, so that sucked, but anyway… Even with that being my sole reason for choosing to watch this, I actually liked it. It was sort of like Dr. Frost meets Criminal Minds and Tsukumo was sort of like L (Death Note) and Reid (Criminal Minds). Of course, I could just be taking the most miniscule similarities and saying it’s like this, this and this even though it really has very little in common. But it was pretty interesting, although I sort of wanted the assistant to have met Tsukune before. I figured that was where it was going based on how it started, but nope. I’m also not sure how I feel about the ending. It feels like it was all left very open and that there should be a sequel (which, to my knowledge, there isn’t). The acting was good, the story was good enough. On the plus side, It took me longer than 10 or 15 minutes to figure out who did it. Also, Tsukumo (Kimura Takuya) is cute, and one of the detectives or whatever, Hayashida Toranosuke, was played by Mizushima Hiro ho also played Sebastian in the live action Kuroshitsuji.

Anyway, if you like crime/detective shows, go for it.


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