Akumu-Chan (2012) live action, drama – Japan

181. Akumu Chan
fantasy, mystery, school, sci fi
starring: Kamui Gackt, Kitagawa Keiko, Kimura Manatsu, Yuka, Kohinata Fumiyo, Kimura Midoriko

Koto Yuiko is a young, quiet and strange girl that has nightmares that predict peoples futures. She transfers to a school at which Mutoi Ayami, a psychopath, teaches at. There, Yuiko and her grandfather request Ayami’s help, which she wants nothing to do with.

Gackt was creepy. Again. But in this case, it made everything much more interesting. The characters were fairly attractive, the little girl that played Yuiko was really cute. The story was interesting enough. It got more interesting after about episode 7 when things actually started coming to light and everything started to tie together. It was still interesting enough though, although most until near the end were episodic. Girl has a dream, gets teacher to help, and they help keep people from dying or killing or whatever. The ending kind of sucks though. It’s a cliffhanger that’s going to have me questioning if I’m right (although it seems like most people think the same thing), but it’s still bugging me. Apparently the special picks up right where this left off though, so I’ll have to watch that…

Anyway, it’s unique (in my opinion anyway, although there were a few things that are pretty common in Asian dramas), and interesting, and definitely worth watching, in my opinion.


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