Say “I Love You” Specials and OVA (2012-2013; 2013) anime, special; ova – sub

Say “I Love You” Specials score 5
389. Say I Love You Specials
romance, school, shoujo

10 short episodes (20 seconds to 3 minutes) of Mei (and Marshmallow, sometimes Kuro) talking about, or freaking out about, whatever. I like the cats but Mei creeps me out in this style. It was also pretty boring and it was just a waste of time. It’s like they were trying to be funny. But they failed miserably.

Say “I Love You” OVA score 8
390. Say I Love You OVA
romance, school, shoujo

This was pretty much just a 14th episode. Mei and the girls were baking cookies, so I actually expected it to be something funny around that. It wasn’t though. But you did get to find out a bit more about why Yamato likes Mei and there’s a kind of cute scene with Yamato and Kai, as well as one with Kai and Megu. It wasn’t too bad though. Pretty much on par with the main series, so I say it’s not gonna be a waste of time or anything.


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