Dr Frost (2014) live action, drama – South Korea

178. Dr Frost
drama, medical, mystery, psychological
starring: Song Chang Eui, Jung Eun Chae, Lee Yoon Ji, Sung Ji Ru, Choi Jung Woo, Yu Geon, lee Shi Kang, Song Jong Ho

Dr Frost is extremely smart but has very little emotions and as such, has difficult sympathizing with others. At night, he works as a bartender. During the day, he works as a counselor at a campus counseling center with assistant Yoon Sung Ah who is the complete and is extremely emotional. They work together with detective Nam to help solve crime.

In all honesty, the only reason I watched it was because the main character had white hair. It was actually pretty interesting considering I wasn’t too interested in the thing itself based on the description on mdl. So, each episode is like, a different story line. But then a more complicated one starts that takes up a few episodes and goes back a couple decades and has something to do with nearly everyone whether directly or indirectly. Then the end has me hoping there’s gonna be more sometime… It`s based on a webtoon or whatever apparently though, so maybe I’ll read that.

So, if you like psychological stuffs or crime stuffs or maybe just good looking guys with white hair, watch it.


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