THE READING BOOK 36: (House of Night #5) Hunted (PC Cast, Kristin Cast)

0036K0033. Hunted -House of Night 5-. PC Cast. Kristin Cast

TITLE: (House of Night #5) Hunted

AUTHOR: PC Cast, Kristin Cast

GENRE: Paperback, young adult, fiction. Fantasy, magic, paranormal, romance, supernatural, vampire.

PUBLISHER: St. Martins Press

PAGES: 323

YEAR: 2009


DESCRIPTION: After Neferet releases Kalona, the House of Night is put under his spell. Stevie Rae was shot and nearly killed by Stark. Zoey and the gang have had to move into the tunnels with the red Fledglings. Then of course there’s Zoeys boy troubles. Kalona keeps showing up in her dreams, she may be have a chance to fix things with Erik but she can’t stop thinking about Stark.


Zoeys guy problems are really getting on my nerves. Seriously. Pick one and quit fooling around with everyone else. I also feel like about half of the book was spent on descriptions of Starks cocky smiles, Kalonas body and his affect on people, Neferets evilness, Eriks annoyingness and Zoey worried about how she looks after things happen (that I’m not going to say because of spoilers) and she has to go back to the HoN. It doesn’t help that the entire book happens in about 24-48 hours after what happens in the last book. I don’t think it needed an entire book personally. If they cut out some of those descriptions, it probably could have fit in 1/4-1/2 of what it is.

Still, I like the series. I want to find out what happens next, even if this one was really slow.

Book #36
Keep #33
Lose #3


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