Gamer (2009) live action, movie – USA

action, sci fi, thriller
directors/writers: Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor
starring: Gerard Butler, Amber Valletta, Michael C Hall, Kyra Sedgwick, Logan Lerman, Terry Crews, Alison Lohman, Ludacris

Set in a future where people are able to control other people, Kable is a death row convict that is controlled by 17-year-old Simon in a game called ‘Slayers’ where you kill or are killed and if the prisoner wins 30 times, they get released. At the same time, his wife is an “actress” in the game society, similar to Sims.

So… I thought it would be better. It had Michael C Hall and I kinda love him. But that accent really pissed me off, even if the character was kinda interesting and maybe a little uncomfortably nummy. It had Marilyn Mansons version of Sweet Dreams and I’m of the opinion that most movies with his music has at least something going for it. Also, I like watching people play video games like this. I don’t like playing them myself, but I like watching other people which this is in a way. It had an okay amount of gore, but not much more than in most video games (maybe less in some cases).

It just couldn’t hold my interest though and it was sort of… anti-climatic? Like, seriously. You people can be completely controlled, forced to do anything and everything. Some that were being controlled even looked like they were probably dead. But it ends like that? Next to nothing happened? There were 4, maybe 5, actual fight scenes. But only 2 were actually video-game level entertainment. It almost felt like I was watching someone play that stupid NES game with the orange gun and that stupid laughing dog during most of it. Blow more stuff up. Control more people, better.

Anyway, I doubt I’d actually suggest it to anyone. If you want a death game, there are better ones out there. Battle Royale, Battlefield Baseball, Deadball, Death Tube, The Incite Mill, Mirai Nikki (the live action and anime), Btooom! (which is probably most similar. Real-life turned video game. This is an anime though) and Bus Gamer. Unfortunately, I can’t think of any similar American moviesSome of it was sort of reminiscent of Repo! The Genetic Opera.


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