Death Parade (2015) anime, tv – sub

383. Death Parade
game, mystery, psychological

When people die, they are either reincarnated or sent to the void. They are judged by arbitrators. One of those is Decim. In his bar, Quindecim, he has two people play games in order to see where they should be sent.

I don’t think it was quite as good as Death Billiards (which I think would actually take place somewhere after episode 2 but before episode 10). There were episodes that were, but I like the game aspect more than anything else. This got more into who the main characters were, what they were, why they were and everything else. I don’t care about that. I just want to watch this people play games thinking they’ll die if they lose. I also got a little annoyed by some of the other character, such as flower head guy (seriously, the hell is that), and Ginti who was just very annoying and angry. I also wasn’t a fan of how he played his games.

Anyway, I did like it and think it’s worth the time to watch.


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