Miss Monochrome: The Animation (2013) anime, TV – sub

377. Miss Monochrome The Animation
music, slice of life

Miss Monochrome is an android with a dream of becoming a popular idol.

Let me start by saying this: I don’t like slice of life. Bordering on hating it actually. The only one I’ve come across that I actually loved was Bunny Drop. There may have been the odd one I didn’t mind, but it’s very rare. If I wanted to live in reality, I would.

That being said, this was cute. It’s only 13 episodes, 4 minutes long each (3 if you skip the ed) Monochrome was one of the cutest female characters I’ve seen for awhile and her manager seems like a really sweet person. Now, the main story line is Monochrome working towards becoming an idol, but there’s the odd side story such as alien invasions and a dream she has. I actually sort of wish the episodes were a bit longer for them to elaborate a bit on the other stories some.

Anyway, it’s cute and it takes less than an hour to watch the entire thing. Go for it!


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