THE READING BOOK 33: (House of Night #2) Betrayed (PC Cast, Kristin Cast)

0033K0030. Betrayed -House of Night 2-. PC Cast. Kristin Cast

TITLE: (House of Night #2) Betrayed

AUTHOR: PC Cast, Kristin Cast

GENRE: Paperback, young adult, fiction. Fantasy, paranormal, romance.

PUBLISHER: St. Martins Press

PAGES: 310

YEAR: 2007


DESCRIPTION: Zoey Redbird has been at the House of Night for a month now. Her Mark has not only been filled in, but has also expanded, she has an affinity for all five of the elements, is a leader of the Dark Daughters and a High Priestess in training. Then just as something begins to seem horribly wrong, death strikes. Now Zoey must deal with a betrayal that threatens to destroy her entire world.



I feel as though it took me forever to read this one. I guess that’s what happens when one decides to try to try set a limit of one week to completely catch up on a show that you’re about 300 episodes and like, 5 movies, behind…

Anyway, I feel like it seems to go a bit slower than the first book, but it’s more emotional, so I guess it sort of evens out. If you read the first one all the way through, you also have to read this one. It’s sort of annoying that it’s one of those series that you can’t just not continue reading it because nothing seems to ever get completely cleared up…


Book #33
Keep #30
Lose #3


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