Naruto Shippuuden: Blood Prison (2011) anime, movie – sub

375. Naruto Shippuuden Blood Prison
action, adventure, mystery, martial arts, shounen, super power

The Raikage is attacked and jounin from Kirigakure and Iwagakure were killed. The description of the culprit matches Naruto. He is then sent to the prison Houzukijou where he has an imprisonment jutsu used on him so he cannot use chakra. He then has to find who set him up without getting killed.

Because of the release date, I watched this after episode 222 (of Shippuuden). It obviously wasn’t when it was meant to be watched though. Since I watched it so soon, I’m not sure on exacts, but it’s sometime after meeting and getting to know Killer Bee.

Anyway, it was actually interesting and had me freaking out a few time. Plus, there seemed to be a few kind of… sexual… jokes…. But yea, I say watch it, since it’s kinda fun. Also, watch after the end credits. It has more at the end that explains a little more of what the hell happened.


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