Naruto Shippuuden: The Lost Tower (2010) anime, movie – sub

372. Naruto Shippuuden The Lost Tower
action, comedy, martial arts, shounen, super power

Sent to capture Mukade, a ninja that uses puppets with a goal to get some sealed power below the ruins of Rouran, Naruto gets sent back in time 20 years where he meets Minato Namikaze, Shibi Aburame, Chouza Akimichi and a young Kakashi and must protect a young Queen name Sara.

It for sure happens after the Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant arc (episodes 127-133 of Shippuuden), and although I’m not 100% sure, I’m pretty sure it’s before the Pain’s Assault arc (episodes 152-175 of Shippuuden).

I would have liked it more if Naruto was with Minato and Kakashi a bit more than he was. But it was interesting to see how well Naruto and Minato fought together the odd times they were together though…

Anyone, it wasn’t the best Naruto movie, but I still think it was interesting enough to recommend.


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