THE READING BOOK 32: (House of Night #1) Marked (PC Cast, Kristin Cast)

0032K0029. Marked -House of Night 1-. PC Cast. Kristin Cast

TITLE: (House of Night #1) Marked

AUTHOR: PC Cast, Kristin Cast

GENRE: Paperback, young adult, fiction. Fantasy, paranormal, romance.

PUBLISHER: St. Martins Press

PAGES: 306

YEAR: 2007


DESCRIPTION: In a world where vampyres just exist, 16 year old Zoey Redbird has recently been Marked. Now she must leave her old friends, school and life to attend House of Night where she will either become a full-fledged vampire or die. Not only does she have to leave her school and her friends while her body is changing though, she has a strange Mark, strange powers, her or her friends can die at any time and she Imprinted her ex-almost-boyfriend, and she has her work cut out for her. But that isn’t all. The hateful hag, Aphrodite, leader of the Dark Daughters, has had it out for Zoey since Zoey arrived. To make matters worse, Eric Night, Aphrodites hottie ex has a thing for Zoey and Zoey must stop Aphrodite from misusing her Goddess-given powers.



I loved this book the first time a read it a few years back shortly after it first came out. I’ve read it probably at least half a dozen times since then and I still love it. Sure, the teenager talk gets on my nerves sometimes. I could never deal well with teenager talk. But I love the take on vampyres they use. The Markings sound gorgeous. I want to see them, and apparently there’s going to be a movie released sometime this year. I hope the markings are the way I picture them though (with the crescents opening up like Sailor Moon and not to the side like most of the fan pics out there. It seems like opening up would go better with everything else in the book, not to mention SYMMETRY!). Anyway, Damien is probably my favourite. I love Zoey, but how could I not love a cute smart guy with a giant vocabulary?

Anyway, the book is actually fun to read. It’s interesting and easy so it’s a quick read, in a good way. Like, read-in-one-sitting-because-it’s-too-good-to-put-down kind of quick. So, I say read it. It actually almost gives more a Harry Potter feel, so it’s definately worth reading if you like HP. Just don’t expect Nosferatu or Dracula vampires. Yes, they drink blood. No, they don’t sparkle. But they have tattoos instead of fangs.


Book #32
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Lose #3


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