Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai (2007) anime, movie – dub

363. Pokemon the Rise of Darkrai
adventure, comedy, shounen

Going to Alamos town for a pokemon contest and having taken the wrong way, the gang meet Alice and get help from her. Showing them around town, they go to a park and find that it has been seriously damaged. There they meet Darkrai, a pokemon that causes nightmares, telling them to get out. Afterwards, strange stuff begins to happen that gets blamed on Darkrai. Then Dialga, a pokemon representing time, and Palkia, a pokemon representing space, show up and begin fighting and destroying the town.

I loved Darkrai. It made me really sad how he was treated during so much of the movie. I think I may like Darkrai more than Treecko (if, in case you were wondering, is my favourite pokemon, even though he isn’t my favourite type or my usual based on appearance). Anyway, it starts out really slow. It does get better later on, even though a lot of it was pretty much just a giant battle (the battles aren’t exactly my favourite part). It was nice looking though. And, if you watch the end credits, you get to see the contest. Of course, by this time, you’ve probably forgotten about the entire reason we went to Alamos town.

Although it had Darkrai and a few funny moments, they didn’t really give Ash, Team Rocket or Brock any of their good points. All of them only had they bad points on this show. As such, I probably would only suggest it to people that want to watch all the Pokemon.


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