Koisuru Bicchi-kun (Furukawa Fumi) book, fiction – manga

704. Koisuru Bitch-kun - Furukawa Fumi
romance, yaoi

Contains four short stories.

Koisuru Bicchi-kun
Sugiura is a mangakas assistant that gets a job with Komatsu, a mangaka he likes. However, after a month, Komatsu attacks Sugiura and thus is the start of their strange relationship.

Love of a Heart Thief
Hirosaki is being followed around by something that is heart shaped and that only he can see.

Young Master and the Beast
Son of a gang leader likes girly things and someone that is in the gang is beast-like.

Kiss to Glittering Stars
Popular Sawaki confesses to the strange and quiet Yoshino.


I loved this probably more than I should have. Koisuru Bicchi-kun made my heart hurt but it was really cute and sweet and I loved the characters, especially Komatsu. Love of a Heart Thief was weird (like, really weird) but cute. Kiss to Glittering Stars Was probably my favourite and the cutest. I wish there was more to that one though, because most of it was about their (particularly Yoshino’s) feelings growing and coming to terms with the others (Sawaki’s) feelings. I want to see how that relationship grows. Young Master and the Beast was probably my least favourite. There was one or two cute parts, but I just didn’t like it much at all. You didn’t get to know much of the characters or their relationship. Maybe if there was a bit of a back story it would have been better.

The art was good and I wish there was more for all of the stories (and maybe more sex), but it was good. I say read it.


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