Naruto: Shippuuden Movie 1 (2007) anime, movie – sub

356. Naruto Shippuden Movie 1
action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, shounen

A group of people are trying to revive a demon and its stone army in order to destroy the world. However, the demons soul and body are separated and as such, can not be fully resurrected until both are together. Naruto, Sakura, Lee and Neji are put in charge of escorting and protecting Shion, a priestess from the Country of Demons, to the shrine where the demons body is so that she can seal it. However, shortly after the group arrives and fend off 4 people that were attempting to kill Shion, she predicts Narutos death.

The beginning of the movie really pissed me off. You don’t start a movie by killing off the main/title character within 2 minutes. Seriously. Anyway, I don’t like the Naruto movies as much as the series itself. It’s not that they’re bad. It just seems as though all movies based on shounen tv series follow the same formula: serious bad guys show up, have to protect someone, beat serious bad guys easily, person you’re protecting opens up more. I didn’t much care for the art. As in most of these movies, it seems as though they have a higher budget for backgrounds and such. The stone army for example just looks out of place. I did love the parts where Naruto and Shion were alone together though. Plus, Shion was very cute.

So, I’d say if you want more Naruto, go for it. If not, well, why would you want to watch Naruto movies anyway?


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