Hi My Sweetheart (2009-10) live action, drama – Taiwan

170. Hi My Sweetheart
comedy, romance
starring: Yang Rainie, Luo Show, Lee Wei

Xue Hai, a wealthy heir and nerd, looking for a new start leaves home for college, going under the name Lin Da Lang. While there, he meets Chen Bao Zhu, a violent loner that the entire class shuns. Seeing the good in her however, Da Lang decides to become friends with her anyway, even if it does mean he’ll be shunned. Over time, they become close and start dating. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding, Da Lang believes that Bao Zhu abandoned him and as such, he decided to become an attractive playboy that doesn’t believe in love. Three years later, Xue Hai meets Bao Zhu again and decides to take revenge.

I loved it. Luo Show portrayed both Xue Hai and Lin Da Lang extremely well, even though they are polar opposites. Yang Rainie was extremely cute, and in my opinion, was perfect for the role of Bao Zhu.

Xue Hais eldest sister annoyed me though. She played the role of overprotective mother, and those characters always annoy me. I also hated He Yan Feng. So what if you were her senior in high school? What right do you have to hand her over to someone else? What right do you have to be upset that she fell in love with someone else? Maybe you should have actually confessed instead of waiting about 7 years to confess to her.

I also noticed some people complaining about cliches like amnesia and kidnapping. Thing is though, unlike in most of the shows I’ve watched that use these, it actually worked. It didn’t seem out of place in the story and it helped push it along.

So, go watch it. It’s the first drama I’ve watched in a while that I actually love.


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