THE READING Book 26: SPIKE: The Devil You Know (Bill Williams; Chris Cross)

0026K0023. SPIKE The Devil You Know. Bill Williams. Chris Cross

TITLE: SPIKE: The Devil You Know

AUTHOR/ARTIST: Bill Williams (writer); Chriss Cross (pencils)

GENRE: fiction, paperback, graphic novel. Fantasy, supernatural, vampires


PAGES: 104

YEAR: 2010


DESCRIPTION: After a night of drinking, Spike tries to go home with a woman. Turns out, she was hired by a woman trying to open a hellmouth to get something from Spike and get rid of him. So Spike teams up with Eddie Hope in order to shut it down.




I think I remember reading this the last time I read SPIKE Omnibus, which is a book I have, but even so, I think I’m going to keep this anyway. More so because it’s a BtVS related book. I’m not really a big fan of the art. I think there’s too much detail for it to actually look good in colour. In fact, there were a few pages at the back of the book before it was coloured and it looked much cleaner. I also don’t think the character design remained of the same quality throughout, but maybe that had something to do with trying to draw the characters to match their real-life counterparts. The story also seemed a bit rushed and doesn’t seem to explain anything. Like, why did Spike just happen to run into Eddie? and who is this person (demon?) opening the hellmouth for Tansy? Why is she opening it?

In all honesty, the only thing worth reading it for are the few coloured pages at the end that are kind of cool looking.



Book #26
Keep #23
Lose #3


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