Quite Ordinary (2011/2012) live action, movie – Japan

164. Quite Ordinary
director: Masaki Takahashi
starring: Yasushi Yasuda, Yuki Kedouin, Inga Persephone

A gay student comes out to his teacher. The teacher happens to be gay and thinks this is finally his chance at happiness. The student however, admits he loves another student in the other class. The teacher then convinces him to confess.

I actually really liked this. Even though it was only 15 minutes long, I thought the characters were written and portrayed quite well, or at least the main student, Shiotsu, and the teacher. Both actually drew me in and made me interested in them, embarrassed for them, sad for them, etc.

Anyway, at 15 minutes, what have you got to lose? I say watch it.


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