Daa! Daa! Daa! (2000-2002) tv, anime – sub

350. Daa! Daa! Daa!
comedy, sci-fi, shoujo
v/a: Kanai Mika, Chiba Chiemi, Nazuka Kaori, Sanpei Yuuko

Eighth grader Kozuki Miyu and Saionji Kanata start living alone together after Miyu’s parents move to America for their work and NASA and Kanata’s dad goes to India for training. This is short lived however as shortly afterwards, Ruu and Wanya, a baby and his sitter-pet from the planet Otto, end up having to live with them after getting sucked into a time warp. They then have to hide that they not only are living without their parents, but also that Ruu and Wanya are aliens.

I preferred the first half (episodes 1-39) to the second half, but overall it was all good. It was cute, interesting and funny. There was a bit of romance, but not much. The only love that I actually got from it was more like love between family and friends. Not romantic love. Even with the stalker. The closest thing to actual romantic love was probably between (SPOILER) Nozomu and Guava, which considering how young Guava is, it creeps me out. Add 10 years to both and I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but with how young Guava appears to be, it’s just creepy. (SPOILER done). It’s been awhile since there was an ending I actually feel ties everything up, but this is one that does.

Since it’s cute, interesting and has an end that wraps everything up, I’d recommend it if you want something cute (but not if you wanted something like Beelzebub. ’cause it’s not like that, even if people will suggest it if you want something similar to Beelzebub).


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