THE READING Book 24: Star Trek (James Blish)

0024K0021. Star Trek. James Blish

TITLE: Star Trek

AUTHOR: James Blish (adapted by)

GENRE: fiction, paperback. adaptation, science fiction, short stories

PUBLISHER: Bantam Books

PAGES: 136


NOTES: Includes Charlies Law, Dagger of the Mind, The Unreal McCoy, Balance of Terror, The Naked Time, Miri, The Concience of the King

DESCRIPTION: A collection of short stories adapted by James Blish from the Star Trek tv series.



As much as Kirk annoys me, I do like this book. Charlies Law (a 17 year old kid is rescued after being stranded for 14 years and is the sole survivor) is probably my favourite. Chances are pretty good I’ll read this again, but I want to try to find a copy in better condition. The book is nearly in two…


Book #24

Keep #21

Lose #3


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