Willow (1988) live action, movie – USA

willow 1988
action, adventure, drama, fantasydirector: Ron Howard
writers: George Lucas, Bob Dolman
starring: Val Kilmer, Joanne Whalley, Warwick Davis, Jean Marsh, Phil Fondacaro

A seer foretold that a baby that was to be born was going to be the downfall of Bavmordas, an evil witch/queen. After the girl is born, the midwife chooses to escape with her. Before being caught, the midwife sent the baby down the stream where she was found by the two children of a man named Willow. Shortly after taking her in, their village is attacked and Willow is then charged with protecting her from Bavmordas and her henchmen while returning her to her people.

I thought it was interesting to a certain extent. I got caught up in what was happening, and with the characters (at least the characters of the baby, Willow and Madmartigan). The special effects were pretty much what was to be expected for the ’80s. The progression of the story seemed a little off to me as well. Some parts seemed too slow while others seemed fast. Of course, that could be that there were boring and interesting parts, so it could have to do with that as well. I also think, although it apparently isn’t considered one, it seems like a comedy to me.

I say watch it. It’s not the best. It’s cheesy and some parts are boring, but the funny parts outweigh it.


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