South Park, season 18 (2014) animated, tv – USA


So, most people have an idea what South Park is about, so I’m skipping the description.

I didn’t like it. I hate to say that. This is pretty much the only show that I’ve followed nearly religiously for quite a few years now. But this season wasn’t the South Park I know. Cartman isn’t as offensive, it feels like they’re pushing Kenny even farther to the sidelines (maybe I’m imagining it though?), and Kyle is getting more annoying. But I think what annoyed me most was that the episodes aren’t standalone anymore. I know I’ve said before that I don’t like standalone episodes and that I like my shows following some story line. But not my South Park. Standalone episodes worked for it. Sure, there were some things I wish would have stuck around (like Cartman becoming Jewish and Stan moving away), but I just don’t feel like it actually works?

Maybe it’s just that I don’t like change, but this is my least favourite season so far, and although I hate skipping when I watch things, I’d probably skip this season when rewatching it.


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