Rosario + Vampire (Ikeda Akihisa) book, fiction – manga

698. Rosario to Vampire - Ikeda Akihisa
action, comedy, ecchi, fantasy, magic, romance, school, shounen, vampire, harem, supernatural

Aono Tsukune somehow manages to get enrolled in Yokai Academy, a private school for monsters. The problem? He’s a human. To makes matters even more complicated, he becomes friends with a vampire, a succubus, a couple witches and a snow woman. All of which are in love with him. Then almost everyone else wants to get rid of them, nearly killing Tsukune multiple times.

It’s only 40 chapters, but it took me over a year. Not because it was bad though. The reason it took me so long was because I had watched the anime first and since I knew what was going to happen in the first few chapters I couldn’t get into it. Then, I had well over 1000 mangas on my “current reading” list on MAL, so it got kind of lost. Now, after finally finishing this, I’m kind of torn. I think I prefer the anime BUT Tsukune is much better in the manga than in the anime. Aside from being able to remove the Rosario that sealed Mokas vampire side, he couldn’t do anything at all in the anime. The art is good as well, although every once in awhile, the butts aren’t drawn that great.

Anyway, I’d suggest both this and the anime, but keep in mind that it’s ecchi, so there are plenty of panty shots. If you don’t like tons of panty shots, don’t bother because no one wants to listen to you complain about something that is pretty much required for the genre. It just annoys everyone.


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