1% of Anything (2003) live action, tv – South Korea

163. 1% of Anything
comedy, romance
starring: Kang Dong Won, Kim Jung Hwa, Kyung Joon, Lee Byung Wook, Han Hye Jin, Byun Hee Bong

School teacher Kim Da Hyung meets an old man on a train and helps him out. Shortly afterwards, an heir, Lee Jae In, with an anger problem shows up after its written in his grandfathers will that whoever marries her gets the inheritance.

If you don’t like open endings, don’t watch it. Very little is actually tied up. During most of the first 20 episodes, it’s mostly just the main couple fighting over everything, with a bit of physical fighting (which is probably part of the reason I didn’t like the main couple) and the parents being against the wedding. Plus, the kidnapping. It needed a kidnapping right? Then the last 6 episodes or so concentrates more on (SPOILERS) couples 2 (the teachers doctor sister and the violent heirs cousin), 3 (violent heirs sister and friend) and 4 (teachers doctor brother and some random woman that you get to find out very little about). But what really annoys me is that two of the couples are pregnant but we don’t find out if they carry to term or what they have. You don’t get to find out if the one coupe stays together or if the parents accept a marriage between them. Then with the other couple, you don’t get to find out if he ever comes back from Africa or if that couple gets together at all (end SPOILERS).

Anyway, if there’s a sequel, I’d consider watching it to get my answers that were left unanswered, but I won’t watch this again, or recommend it.


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