Tokyo Godfathers (2003) anime, movie – sub

348. Tokyo Godfathers
comedy, drama, magic, psychological
director: Kon Satoshi
v/a: Emori Toru, Umegaki Yoshiaki, Okamoto Aya

On Christmas eve, 3 homeless people (a middle-aged alcoholic man, a transvestite and a teenage runaway) find an abandoned baby. They then decide to find the babys mother. Along the way, they begin to find themselves as well.

I loved this movie. It was hilarious, but there were still some parts where you felt for the characters. Even characters you only saw for a short time, you get some kind of an idea about what they’re about. There are also some points where you’re like, sitting on the edge of your seat.

Anyway, I don’t want to give anything away so I’m ending here. I’m definitely going to suggest you watch it. However, in case you’re overly sensitive, keep in mind that one of the main characters is a gay transvestite, it talks about abuse, and there are a couple scenes with breasts.


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