Dear Santa (2011) live action, movie – USA

dear santa
drama, romance
director: Jason Priestly
writer: Barbara Kymlicka
starring: Amy Acker, Gina Holden, Emma Duke, David Haydn-Jones, Patrick Creery

At 35 years old, Crystal is given an ultimatum from her mother: get a job or a husband or get cut off. Afterwards, she reads a letter to Santa that she had found while she was out shopping from a little girl named Olivia, asking for a new mom. Deciding it was fate that she found the letter, she began to volunteer at the soup kitchen Olivias father, Derek, runs.

Only reason I watched it was because of Amy Acker (Fred <3). I’m glad I did though. It was cute (I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot lately). It was entertaining, the actors looked good together and there was chemistry where there should have been and none where there shouldn’t have been. Derek was a little slow and stupid… but whatever.

Anyway, I’d probably recommend it. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched a romance where I actually like the couple.


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