Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever (2014) live action, movie – USA

adventure, comedy
director: Tim Hill
writers: Tim Hill, Jeff Morris
starring: Aubrey Plaza, Megan Carpenter, Daniel Roebuk, Evan Todd, Isaac Haig

A 12 year old girl starts a new school after her parents get a divorce and she has a hard time making friends so she volunteers at the pet store in the mall. She then meets a mall Santa who gives her a magic coin to make a wish. She uses it to wish for a friend. After realizing it caused her to be able to speak to the grumpy cat at the store, she sneaks in after hours. Then her and Grumpy Cat have to start a group of thieves from stealing a million dollar dog that is needed to save the pet store.

It was funny. Grumpy Cat reminded me of Daria which just made it even better. It was plenty entertaining.

So, I recommend it. Especially if you like Daria or Home Alone.


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