The Great Rupert (b&w, 1950) live action, movie – USA

Great Rupert 010
comedy, family
director: Irving Pichel
starring: Jimmy Durante, Terry Moore, Tom Drake, Frank Orth

A poor woman and her parents move into a new apartment just before Christmas. One day, her mother is praying for shoes for the daughter and $1500 came from no where. and the same thing happened the following week, and every Thursday like clockwork for a few weeks.

This is the first Christmas movie that I’ve watched so far this year that I actually like. Of course, it had that simple, innocent feel expected from anything from the ’50s, but it was cute and entertaining with that little life lesson at the end that seems to be in nearly every Christmas movie. I do feel bad for the talent agent at the end though.

Anyway, this is one I’d recommend watching.


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