A Christmas Without Snow (1980) live action, movie – USA

drama, music
director: John Korty
starring: Michael Learned, John Houseman, Ramon Bieri

A recently divorced mother of one leaves her son with her mother to move to San Francisco from Omaha. Once there, she joins a church choir.

Personally, I hated this movie. The acting was stiff. All the racism and anger seemed forced and just reminded me of those kids that try not laugh when they don’t get what they want. The music is horrible. Made even worse when they got an electric organ. Nothing happens until the last half hour or so and even then, it’s wrapped up quite quickly. It starts around October, and the only thing that’s actually Christmassy is that they’re practicing a song for Christmas.

I’m not going to suggest this. If you want Christmas, there’s tons out there, feel free to take your pick. If you want choir, how about Sister Act? Nearly anything is better than this. The only reason I got through it was because I had some crocheting to do.


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