THE READING Book 19: Sabrina the Teenage Witch #5 Santa’s Little Helper (Cathy East Dubowski)

0019K0017. Sabrina the Teenage Witch 5 Santas Little Helper. Cathy East Dubowski

TITLE: Sabrina the Teenage Witch #5 Santa’s Little Helper

AUTHOR: Cathy East Dubowski

GENRE: fiction, young adult, paperback. fantasy

PUBLISHER: Archway Paperback

PAGES: 152

YEAR: 1997


DESCRIPTION: It’s Christmas time and Sabrina can’t get into the holiday spirit. She can’t see her mom, lest she turn into a ball of wax. Her dad has the witches blue flu. Jenny is busy with her work at the mall as an elf and preparing for her family reunion. Harvey seems to be avoiding her, and after giving him the gift of Elvis’ voice, girls won’t leave him alone. Not to mention, Libby is going on and on about how her family was in a magazine. To tope it off, when she helps Jenny by taking over for her as an elf on Christmas eve, Santa disappears along with the Wish Tree presents.



I really like the Sabrina the Teenage Witch books. They were some of my earliest young adult books. I still like them and there’s a part in this that has made me teary every time I’ve read it. And I doubt I’ve mentioned it here yet, I hate Xmas. Unfortunately, I’m forced into celebrating it every year (I guess I shouldn’t complain since I get presents and good food, but if I didn’t have to spend my money on other people, I could use that for better food and gifts for myself. I’m a very selfish person.), so I have to start early to try and get into the Xmas spirit. This book does a pretty good job of getting me close I guess. Or more like, it makes me realize that I should quit being so selfish for at least a little bit, and maybe help out the less fortunate (Libby is kind of right after all. You help others to make yourself feel good. Even if she makes it sound really messed up…)


Book #19

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Lose #2


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