Absolute Boyfriend (2012) live action, tv – Taiwan

162. Absolute Boyfriend

drama, romance, science fiction

starring: Koo Hye Sun, Wang Jiro, Xie Ken, Na Jack


After being turned down, Guan Xiao Fei ends up ordering a robot boyfriend. During this fit, she adds pretty much any feature possible, leading to major debt. But since she’s already gotten used to Wan Night, she deals with it. At the same time however, her neighbour and childhood friend, Yan Zong Shi, becomes jealous and finally admits to liking her. Which leads to a bit of a love triangle.

The music got a little repetitive, but that was to be expected (most dramas are like that I’ve found). It was also a cute show with an interesting concept. But there were two things I didn’t like about it. One lead to me not even wanting to finish it, the other not wanting to watch it again. So, the first thing that I mentioned? Xiao Fei (Koo Hye Sun). She’s a Korean actress and doesn’t know the language. You could tell that this effected the chemistry between the actors and their characters. But that can be ignored. It’s not like it’s the first show with bad chemistry at the beginning. But then we get into her voice. I’ve never watched a show with Koo Hye Sun before, but based on this one alone, the voice didn’t suit her. It had that overly sweet, overly cute feel to it that just didn’t suit the actress or character (Not that she isn’t cute. She is, in a plain way. Which is way the voice didn’t work for the actress and it just doesn’t make sense for the character). But that wasn’t the worse part. You could tell it was dubbed. Not only did the voice and mouth not match, but the sound quality was completely different when comparing her lines to the other characters and was majorly obvious when she was talking to them. Although, you do get used to it after a while and later on in the series, the sound is better, the voice and mouth match better and the chemistry gets better. As for the end, it was horrible. It just left a hollow feeling and a few too many questions. (SPOILERS) Xiao Fei and Night had a date set for 50 years later. You don’t get to see that. There could have been a lot answered there. For instance, did Xiao Fei and Zong Shi get together? Did Xiao Fei become a mom? Was she happy? What about Xia Mei? Did she find someone? What happened to the geeky guy from the restaurant she went to? Last we saw of them, he had get the origami swans she made and she seemed happy but left it at that. Did they get together? What about the guy Night was based on? How did he die? What about Sky? Why did he go from being majorly, obviously and flamboyantly gay to getting with Zhi Xi? What about Lei Wu Wu and that kid? (end SPOILERS).

Anyway, it was interesting, so as long as you aren’t looking for a happy ending with everything wrapped up, go for it (so long as you can get over the dubbing thing).


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