Hetalia Axis Powers Movie: Paint It, White (2010) movie, anime – dub

016. hetalia axis powers movie paint it white

comedy, historical, parody

voices: Todd Haberkorn, Christopher Blevins, Patrick Seitz, Eric Vale, J Michael Tatum, Scott Freeman, Jerry Jewell, Clarine Harp


White blob aliens called Pictos show up on Earth wanting to assimilate it, turning everything and everyone into white blobs. As such, Germany, Italy, Japan, America, Russia, China and France have to join forces to defeat them. Meanwhile, Switzerland and Leiechtenstein have no ideas whats going on. But Sealand will save the day!
Plus, theres a little “history” lesson every once in a while.

So, I watched this before, and decided to watch it again. Anyway, great and awesome to watch if you watch Hetalia. If not, you may be a teensy bit confused….


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