GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack (2012) anime, OVA – sub

334. GYO Tokyo Fish Attack



A girl named Kaori and two of her friends go to Okinawa for a graduation trip. When they get to where they’re staying, there is a gross smell and they “kill” a strange fish with weird metal legs. By the next day, the town is overrun with fish and shark zombies that can infect anything. Now Kaori must try to get to Tokyo, with some help from a cameraman named Shirakawa, to find her fiance Tadashi.

Dead fish creep me out. So this did creep me out some. There was also something similar to tentacle porn, and although Kaori was felt up, most of it was with green, bloated corpses. Gross.

Anyway, I say it’s probably good to watch. It’s interesting and entertaining and even if you aren’t creeped out, you probably will either feel uncomfortable or just find it funny.


4 thoughts on “GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack (2012) anime, OVA – sub

  1. I thought this OVA was so stupid, I enjoyed making fun of it more than hating it. Then again, it’s easier to make fun of something and enjoy it when you watch it with a group of friends rather than watch it by yourself.

      1. Dang, that sucks buddy. Hopefully you make friends that enjoy anime as well because it’s fun to sit back and watch a series with some friends.

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