Bunshinsaba (2004) live action, movie – South Korea

161. Bunshinsaba

drama, horror, supernatural

starring: Lee Yoo Ri, Kim Gyu Ri, Lee Se Eun


Three bullied girls decide to curse their bullies by calling on evil spirits. Which then leads to people dying and strange things happening with the main girl, Yoo Jin.

The movie was okay. It has the creepy factor I guess. Although I personally find the villagers creepier than anything else in this movie. There’s also a happy ending. Which I actually think is a little sad in a way.

I didn’t feel very scared or anxious or anything by it, although it as interesting. I did read a few comments saying it scared them, even when they watched it in the day. So if you’re easily scared, go for it.


On a side note, Yoo Jin and In Sook actually look a lot like my niece (which is a little weird in my opinion. But she’s always looked like the girls from Asian horror movies. I think it’s the hair. It’s really long and black and it’s always in her face and she’s as pale as paper and really short and skinny….). And if that wasn’t creepy enough, apparently she had taken one of those online tests that was something like “how you died in a past life” and got the exact same way In Sook died in the movie. ugh…


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