Suicide Club (2002) live action, movie – Japan

159. Suicide Club

crime, drama, horror

starring: Nagasawa Nao, Kikuchi Mika, Maro Akaji, Ishibashi Ryo


There’s been an increase of suicides. At the opening of the movie it starts on a subway platform where a bunch of high school girls are around, going about as usual, giggling and joking around, and then 54 of them grab hands and jump in front of an on coming train. With upbeat, happy-sounding music in the back ground. And a white bag is left behind. That makes the cops sick when they open it.

It was kind of gory (not Saw level though) and kind of creepy. Pretty much everyone that died was overly happy about it. And what was in that bag was just… awesome. The thing with Genesis almost made me throw up a little though… The ending was also a little confusing. It seemed like it was saying that they did it all?


SPOILER ‘they’ as in Dessert and those kids.


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